SMEs: managing your health and safety responsibilities

Free, practical advice about how to run a safe and healthy business.

As an SME owner, you need to know how to manage health and safety and comply with the law.

For many businesses, all that’s required is a basic series of practical tasks that protect people from harm.  

To help you to understand these responsibilities, you can access free tools and guidance created by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the national regulator for workplace health and safety.

HSE’s ‘H&S ABC’ resources aim to minimise paperwork and effort, but still ensure you’re fully versed in what actions you need to take. With their help, you can manage your workplace risks without confusion or the cost of consultants.

The resources are as applicable if you’re a startup as if you are an experienced or expanding business, and are split into three areas:

1) Health and safety made simple

The basics of what your business must do to comply with the law, such as facilities that need to be available, and training and information for employees.

2) Health and safety toolbox

The most common hazards, and how to take practical steps to control them.

3) Risk assessments tools

Every business is different, so consider the approach yours needs by exploring: 

  • examples of how other businesses have managed specific situations, the hazards present and the steps taken
  • templates to create a risk assessment and health and safety policy
  • interactive tools for low-risk offices and shops that help you to identify specific hazards and create a relevant risk assessment.

To get started, go to H&S ABC.