World War 2 Jewish RAF veterans honoured at museum

The RAF Museum has launched a project that recognises Jewish personnel in World War 2.

Five WW2 Jewish RAF veterans attended the November launch of Hidden Heroes: The Unknown Story of Jewish Personnel in the Royal Air Force', along with historian, Joshua Levine. They were:  

  • Sqd Leader Retd Lawrence ‘Benny’ Goodman – pilot in the Dambuster 617 Squadron.
  • Jack Toper – wireless operator in a Wellington Bomber and member of the Guinea Pig Club, formed in July 1941 by several RAF burn patients, who were mainly Battle of Britain pilots (the reference being to medics said to be using them as guinea pigs when plastic surgery was in its infancy).
  • Ralph Levy – ground engineer during the Berlin Airlift.
  • Bernard Carton – Bomber Command, flight engineer, who flew over Italy.
  • Alfred Huberman – Lancaster rear gunner.

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Image © Richard Gray