Statement by General Partner

Limited Partnerships Act 1907Limited Partnerships Act 1907, s. 102018-12-312019-04-12TSO (The Stationery Office), St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich, NR3 1PD, 01603 622211,

Equitix EPS 4 LP (

(Registered No. SL021525 )


Notice is hereby given pursuant to section 10 of the Limited Partnerships Act 1907, that:

(a) under an Assignation Agreement dated 31 December 2018, Nick Parker assigned his entire interest and share as a Limited Partner in Equitix EPS 4 LP, a limited partnership registered in Scotland with number SL021525 (the "Partnership"), to Equitix EPS GP 4 Limited (the existing General Partner) and so ceased to be a limited partner of the Partnership;

(b) on 31 December 2018, Equitix EPS GP 4 Limited transferred part of its limited partnership interest in the Partnership to Benjamin Leech, Adam Irwin, Vinh Christopher, Amanda Leness, Phil Skerman, Paul Ireland, Charlotte Douglass, Phil Would, Pablo Saavedra, Nathan Wakefield, Tom Cunningham, Daan Vermeer and Kash Rahuf as new limited partners of the Partnership and to Geoff Allan Jackson, Hugh Barnabas Crossley, Siôn Jones, Jonathan Smith, Fabio D'Alonzo, John Haan, Antony Peters and Richard Knight each as an existing limited partner of the Partnership.

For and on behalf of Equitix EPS GP 4 Limited, general partner of the Partnership.